Aries HL

The HL series is designed to deliver ISO 8573.1 air quality with dew point performance guaranteed from 40 to 5,400 scfm.

As a member of the Aries® series, the HL balances economy and performance, and can easily accommodate a variety of compressed air applications.  The energy management system featured on the HL mirrors plant air demands to deliver calculated energy savings.
  • Nominal Inlet Flow (@100 psig, 100ºF): 40 – 5,400 scfm
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 8573.1

Aries HL Dryer Features & Benefits

  • Choice of four operating modes, including -73.3ºC/-100ºF, -40ºC/-40ºF, -20ºC/-4ºF, and 3.33ºC/38ºF.
  • Energy management system demand mode or fixed cycle mode.
  • Switches for on/off, alarm, and service reminder reset.
  • Operational LED lights for power-on, tower status, valve status, and tower pressure.
  • Service reminder LED lights for filters/drains, valves, and desiccant.
  • Alarm LED for tower switching failure, filter monitor signals, and electronic demand drain alarms.
  • Vacuum fluorescent text display shows energy savings, operating mode, and service reminders.
  • RS-232 communications port is standard.

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