About Us

Excellence in centrifugal compressor design and manufacturing since 1962. 

When you do one thing, you do it well.

FS-Elliott’s dedication to designing and manufacturing efficient and reliable centrifugal compressors is unmatched. Focusing strictly on centrifugal air compressors resulted in our units being recognized globally for their efficient performance and durability in demanding industrial environments as well as in applications requiring precise, custom-engineered solutions. From providing process air and powering instruments to cleaning pipes to driving pneumatic tools to dozens of other applications, you can count on FS-Elliott to meet critical needs, including the most critical of all – yours.

Our Vision

Through the integration of people, information, and technology, we will become the premier global provider of centrifugal compressor solutions by sustaining leadership in our core businesses while expanding into new market segments. We will offer our Customers superior products and services matched to their needs and provide an environment to attract, grow, and retain the best Employees.

Affiliated Companies

Fusheng Group
Founded in 1953, Fusheng Group is the parent company to FS-Elliott that specializes in manufacturing a broad range of products from air compressors to golf club heads to semiconductor lead frames.

FS Compressors India Pvt. Ltd.
FS Compressors India Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing, sales and service center, within the Fusheng Group, for FS-Elliott and FS-Curtis brand of products, providing high-quality machines, experienced technical support, on-time service, and an extensive parts inventory to customers in the region.

FS-Curtis is a member of the Fusheng Group with over 500 distributors worldwide. Their products include 1-3 HP to 300 HP reciprocating, oil-injected screw and water-injected screw compressors.

FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia, Ltd.
FS-Elliott in partnership with GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. have united together to create FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia, Ltd. to provide local service and support to Saudi Arabia.

ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH
Purchased by Fusheng in 2012, ALMiG services as a packaging facility for FS-Elliott compressors and provides sales and service support customers in Europe.