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  • Efficient Installation & Startup

    Our service technicians are qualified to handle a broad range of services, including providing direction and assistance to your installation and commissioning team and assisting in advanced process and control system installations. 

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    Centrifugal compressor installation
  • Committed To Your Productivity

    Maximizing your uptime and productivity is our highest priority. Our authorized service centers are fully capable of handling all compressor repairs and are dedicated to ensuring that emergencies are handled with urgency.  

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    Centrifugal compressor reliability
  • 24/7/365 Parts & Service Availability

    Our global service network offers round-the-clock emergency service, 365 days a year and maintains an extensive inventory providing you with immediate access to quality OEM service parts. 

    Centrifugal compressor parts and service
  • Training To Stay On Top

    Operator and maintenance training is available to help customers maximize the effectiveness of their compressor equipment and extend its life. Customers can select from a variety of standard, self-continued training programs or can customize a program to suit individual needs. 

    Centrifugal compressor training

Energy Saving Solutions

At FS-Elliott, we understand the more efficient the compressed air system, the lower the operational costs. Because of this, we have developed several energy saving solutions including a compressor re-rate, inlet guide vane conversion and control system retrofit, to allow customers to maximize their equipment’s efficiency, resulting in immediate savings to quickly gain their return on investment.

Contact us today to learn more about improving the efficiency of your compressed air system.

Life Cycle Support

Extended Value Through Machinery Modernization

Machinery Modernization Machinery Modernization
Machinery Modernization Machinery Modernization

OEM Equipment Overhaul

​Designed with aging machinery in mind, the FS-Elliott Airend Overhaul Program applies to machines that have been neglected or are operating under exceptionally harsh conditions. This program will provide you with a completely revamped compressor core, refurbished back to OEM specifications, and provided with a full 12-month warranty. 



Auxiliary Upgrades

As compressor technology has advanced to improve the efficiency and longevity of rotating machinery, FS-Elliott has committed to stay ahead of the curve with several innovations in control systems and ancillary components. We offer a range of control system upgrades and associated equipment upgrades to ensure the most efficient compressed air supply, regardless of your system’s age. Design modifications and upgrades are also available to enhance your air system’s reliability and reduce lifecycle cost. 

Quality Lubricants

Centrifugal compressor lubricants

For optimum system operation, FS-Elliott recommends the use of CoronaTM lubricants. Corona lubricants are offered with all new FS-Elliott compressors and feature extended lubricant life, excellent wear protection, and superior resistance to foaming.

  • Corona Turbo Blue offers twice the expected life as traditional mineral oils and comes standard on all FS-Elliott compressors.
  • Corona Turbo Clear is a pure PAO synthetic lubricant formulated for customers who demand the maximum machinery protection technology has to offer.
  • Corona Turbo Clean removes sludge and other contaminants between oil changes or when changing from a mineral to synthetic lubricant.
  • For those customers with rigorous applications in food processing and packaging, we have Turbo Pure, our EPA-approved food grade lubricant.

FS-Elliott customers using Corona lubricants are eligible for a complimentary fluid analysis to understand the current physical and chemical characteristics of your compressor lubricant. Contact us today to order your testing kit.

Aftermarket Solutions

  • Drain Bypass
    Drain Bypass

    Innovative solution for removing condensate from intercoolers and aftercoolers that provide maintainability and reliability benefits to the condensate drain system.

  • Condensate Drain
    Condensate Drain

    Provides a regulated discharge of condensate and eliminates the loss of compressed air.

  • Axial Probe
    Axial Probe

    Senses shaft end position and/or thrust collar position and notifies operator via the control panel should the rotor assembly move beyond the alarm or trip set points.

  • Steel Diffuser
    Steel Diffuser

    Designed for sites that experience a high concentration of airborne particulates and corrosive vapors present in the inlet air stream.

  • Corona Lubricants
    Corona Lubricants

    Designed to minimize harmful buildup to maximize equipment operating cycles.

  • Motor Starters
    Motor Starters

    Choose from a full line of motor starters to suit your needs. Certain models include an option to mount the starter to the unit.

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