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PAP Plus® EH

Introducing the PAP Plus® EH Centrifugal Compressor by FS-Elliott: a pinnacle of versatility and performance in air compression technology.

Tailored to meet diverse industrial needs, the EH model is available in two, three, and four-stage configurations, boasting an impressive flow capacity of up to 695 m³/min or 24,500 CFM, setting the standard for high-capacity compression solutions.

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Renowned for their unmatched durability and dependability in API 672 applications, PAP Compressors offer tailor-made solutions to accommodate unique operational requirements. The PAP Plus EH air compressor continues this tradition of excellence, combining exceptional reliability, top-notch performance, and extensive customization possibilities. With enhanced capacity, greater horsepower, and unparalleled design flexibility, PAP Plus EH compressors ensure they can effortlessly meet the diverse needs of global industries while adhering to local regulatory codes and packaging requirements.
  • Flow: 425 – 695 m3/min | 15,000 – 24,500 CFM
  • Power: 1,305 – 4,475 kW | 1,750 – 6,000 hp
  • Pressure: 2.75 – 25.2 barg | 40 – 365 psig

PAP Plus EH Features & Benefits

  • Designed to exact specifications – from API 672 to end users’ own complex needs.
  • Straight-through intercooler tube accommodates periodic cleaning, rather than replacement.
  • State-of-the-art, backward leaning impeller design that provides a broad range of superior aerodynamic performance characteristics.
  • Adjustable inlet guided vane adjust to plant conditions and load variations to save energy.
  • Full-capacity auxiliary oil pump continues normal, safe operation in the event of a main oil pump failure.
  • Filter monitoring package allows operators to receive real-time differential pressure of the oil and air filters.
  • Microprocessor-based smart transmitters capable of performing evaluations and producing diagnostics allows the operator to understand the condition of their compressed air system from a remote location.
  • Horizontally split casing, and internal components are integral features of the only truly field-serviceable gear box in the industry.
  • Regulus Control System allows the operator to control and manage the performance of one or multiple compressors, at the unit or remotely, to meet air demands while maximizing savings.
  • ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, 100% oil-free air minimizes downtime from oil contamination in the production line and eliminates the need for off-site condensate disposal.
  • Engineered coatings designed for extreme conditions provide extended service life of internal and external surfaces, reduced maintenance, and corrosion prevention.


Case Study: Industrial Gas Producer Reduced Capital Expenditures & Increased Efficiency

  1. Case Study

    Learn how an industrial gas producer reduced capital expenditures and increased overall efficiency.

    View full case study.

  2. Background

    An industrial gas producer opened a new air separation plant that required 4440 Nm3/h of air and 2100 Nm3/h of gaseous nitrogen for production.

    View full case study.

  3. Manufacturing Challenge

    Due to the modular design of the plant, the compressors selected for the project needed to be minimal in size but capable of high-efficiency gas production.

    View full case study.

  4. Results

    Customer reduced capital expenditures and increase overall efficiency by combining the air and nitrogen processes in one machine.

    View full case study.

Learn how an industrial gas producer reduced capital expenditures and increased overall efficiency.

View full case study.

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