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Centrifugal Air Compressors for the Electronics Industry

Industry Requirements

Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing happens at the microscopic level in clean room conditions.

For applications in the electronics industry, including PC board cleaning, it is critical to deliver uninterrupted, clean compressed air. To maintain corporate profitability, manufacturers must be capable of producing products in high volumes with low operating costs.

Industry Solution

ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified oil-free air maintains the clean environment necessary for sensitive instrumentation.

Recognizing the importance of supplying clean, uninterrupted air to the electronics industry, FS-Elliott compressors are designed to run 24/7 and deliver ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified oil-free air to the manufacturing process.

Our commitment to round-the-clock customer service allows plant managers to meet the high demand of the electronic manufacturing industry.

Explore compressed air solutions for the electronics industry.

Electronics Applications

  • Component Transport
    Component Transport

    Relies on compressed air to power pneumatic conveying machines.

  • PCB Cleaning
    PCB Cleaning

    Uses compressed air to remove dust particulates after production.

  • Solder Waves
    Solder Waves

    The compressor provides a constant supply of high-pressure air for solder waves that apply flux to circuit boards before soldering. This flux effectively removes metal oxides, strengthening the solder

  • Embedding Boards
    Embedding Boards

    Compressed air is utilized in an embedding process, in which air embeds components into built-up layers of the PCB, allowing for more complex circuit board construction.

  • CDA Clean Rooms
    CDA Clean Rooms

    ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free air in clean rooms is crucial to prevent contamination in electronics manufacturing, ensuring optimal performance by controlling particulates, moisture, and oil.

Products for the Electronics Industry

  • P300

    25 – 60 m3/min
    900 – 2,220 CFM

  • P400

    45 – 100 m3/min
    1,500 – 3,400 CFM

  • P500

    70 – 130 m3/min
    2,600 – 4,500 CFM

  • P600

    110 – 190 m3/min
    4,000 – 6,800 CFM

  • P700

    170 – 340 m3/min
    6,000 – 12,000 CFM

  • R1000

    Control System

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The quality reputation of FS-Elliott and their easy to maintain compressors were significant factors in our decision. We are highly impressed with their level of service and quality.
Facilities Engineering Manager

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