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As a member of the Regulus® series, the R2000 was designed as a PLC upgrade to the R1000 control system, offering a maintenance notification system, energy advisor, and an optional IoT platform that provides remote monitoring and notifications.

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A highly configurable control system, the R2000 focuses on improving energy efficiency and enhanced user accessibility with a feature-rich design.


  • Base Mode
  • Suction Throttle
  • Discharge Pressure
  • Auto Dual
  • Pressure Band Optimization (PBO) - Ensures the air produced by the compressor is optimized for efficiency based on the minimum pressure required to meet system demand.
  • Integrated Compressor Control (ICC) - Adjusts performance by assigning lead and lag machines according to system demand, eliminating excessive air production, minimizing bypass air, and reducing energy consumption.
  • Ambient Compensation Control (ACC) - Automatically adjusts compressor surge control line based on changes in ambient conditions, allowing operators to reduce waste and ensure energy savings at off-peak operation.

R2000 Control System Standard Features

  • Color Touchscreen HMI
  • NEMA 4/IP66 enclosure
  • Siemens or Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Energy advisor and maintenance notification system
  • Emergency stop button (push/pull)
  • USB port access
  • Pneumatic valve control
  • Alarm and trip lights
  • Compressor and auxiliary oil pump running light
  • 12 Analog inputs, 2 digital outputs
  • 14 Digital inputs, 10 digital outputs
  • Base and suction throttle mode
  • Manual or auto start/stop control
  • Pressure band optimization (PBO)
  • Modbus TCP/IP communications
  • Single point electrical feed (low voltage panel)
    • Auxiliary oil pump starter 
    • Lube oil heater contractor
    • Control power transformer

For a complete list of standard and optional features, download the R2000 for Polaris Compressors or R2000 for PAP Plus Compressors brochures. 

Control Panel Upgrades

Designed to easily replace or upgrade existing legacy control panels, the R2000 will ensure your compressor is operating at its best without unnecessary downtime.


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