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Centrifugal Compressors for the Petrochemical Industry

Industry Requirements

Petrochemical producers are tasked with meeting increasing demands while maintaining safe operating conditions in an extremely hazardous environment.

The demand for petrochemical products is increasing. To stay competitive in the marketplace, petrochemical producers must maximize productivity while minimizing their operating costs. Hazardous site conditions require unique equipment customizations to ensure employee and facility safety. In many cases, compressors operating in petrochemical plants must meet API 672 and Class 1, Division 2.

Industry Solution

Meeting the most demanding specifications, while staying within budget keeps FS-Elliott as the vendor of choice at petrochemical plants.

FS-Elliott’s range of centrifugal compressors provides an efficient package that delivers unparalleled reliability to the petrochemical industry, increasing profitability, and reducing costs, space, and pollution. Our solutions are designed according to API 672 and can be tailored to meet complex customer specifications while meeting budgetary margins. Our global network of service engineers and round-the-clock parts support ensures you have what you need no matter where you are, or what time it is.

Explore compressed air solutions for the petrochemical industry.

Petrochemical Applications

  • Instrument Air
    Instrument Air

    Relies on compressed air for powering sensitive instrumentation critical to the petrochemical industry.

  • Plant Utility Air
    Plant Utility Air

    Compressed air is used for pressurizing electrical panels to prevent the entrance of explosive gasses and for powering pneumatic tools, pumps, and fans.

  • Process Air
    Process Air

    Uses compressed air for cleaning, product moving, and ventilation.

Products for the Petrochemical Industry

  • PAP Plus® S1

    25 – 60 m3/min
    900 – 2,200 ICFM

  • PAP Plus® A1

    45 – 100 m3/min
    1,500 – 3,500 CFM

  • PAP Plus® BH

    100 – 200 m3/min
    3,500 – 7,000 CFM

  • PAP Plus® CH

    155 – 340 m3/min
    5,500 – 12,000 CFM

  • PAP Plus® DH

    285 – 525 m3/min
    10,000 – 18,500 CFM

  • PAP Plus® EH

    425 – 695 m3/min
    15,000 – 24,500 CFM

  • R400

    Control System

Case Study: Ethylene Plant Saved Over $100K/Year & Increased Demand

  1. Case Study

    Learn how the world's largest single-site ethylene plant saved over $100K/year and increased demand.

    Download the full case study. 

  2. Background

    One of the world’s largest single-site ethylene facilities needed to upgrade its air system.

    Download the full case study.

  3. Manufacturing Challenge

    They needed to increase capacity while reusing the existing layout for minimal civil changes without disturbing key plant components and complying with API 672 Basic Duty requirements.

    Download the full case study.

  4. Results

    The plant was able to save over $100K in yearly maintenance and energy savings while using its existing layout, saving another $150K in installation costs. 

    Download the full case study.

Learn how the world's largest single-site ethylene plant saved over $100K/year and increased demand.

Download the full case study. 

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 “The quality reputation of FS-Elliott and their easy to maintain compressors were significant factors in our decision. We are highly impressed with their level of service and quality.” 
Facilities Engineering Manager