Food & Beverage

Centrifugal Compressors for the Food & Beverage Industry

Industry Requirements

Food and beverage processors have a daunting task of providing consumers with a consistent, yet safe product supply.

Whether compressed air comes in direct or indirect contact with consumable products, maintaining air quality is essential to minimizing contamination risks, which can result in reduced shelf life, changes in taste or appearance, and product recalls.

New requirements outlined in the United States by the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, best practices referenced in the Global Food Safety Initiative and British Compressed Air Society Code of Practice, and certification processes such as ISO 8573-1, reinforce the need for using clean air in the manufacturing process to reduce contamination risks. 

Industry Solution

ISO 8573-1, Class 0 oil-free air allows manufacturers that produce or package food and beverage products to reduce contamination risks.

FS-Elliott offers food and beverage manufacturers compressed air solutions that reduce contamination risks and remove moisture and particulate matter, which can lead to product recalls. This includes the delivery of clean, dry, oil-free air compliant with ISO 8573-1, Class 0. FS-Elliott’s global services team allows manufacturers to maintain their 24/7 operations with minimal interruptions. 

Explore compressed air solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Food & Beverage Applications

  • Air Knives
    Air Knives

    Uses compressed air for cutting, peeling or blowing liquid or debris from products as they travel on conveyors.

  • Fluid Pumps
    Fluid Pumps

    Rely on compressed air for operating diaphragm pumps responsible for moving liquid products in the production and filling process.

  • Food Filling Machines
    Food Filling Machines

    Use compressed air in machines that fill food products.

  • Packaging & Transportation
    Packaging & Transportation

    Uses compressed air to power conveying systems to move ingredients and during the product packaging process.

Products for Food & Beverage Industry

  • P300+

    25 60 m3/min
    900 2,220 CFM

  • P400+

    45 100 m3/min
    1,500 3,400 CFM

  • P500+

    70 130 m3/min
    2,600 4,500 CFM

  • P600+

    110 180 m3/min
    4,000 6,500 CFM

  • P700+

    170 330 m3/min
    6,000 11,500 CFM

Case Study: Molded Plastics Plant Saves Over $103K

  1. Case Study

    Learn how a molded plastics plant saved over $103K a year by employing a centrifugal compressor.

    View full case study.

  2. Background

    A molded plastics plant was operating eight rotary screw compressors to deliver compressed air to their production lines.

    View full case study.

  3. Manufacturing Challenge

    An increase in production at the plant required a supplement to their existing air capacity.

    View full case study.

  4. Results

    Customer saved over $75,000 in maintenance and $28,000 in energy savings.

    View full case study.

Learn how a molded plastics plant saved over $103K a year by employing a centrifugal compressor.

View full case study.

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