Our History

Excellence in compressor design and manufacturing since 1962.

For over 50 years, FS-Elliott has served as a leader in the industry, manufacturing air and gas compressors that incorporate the latest aerodynamic and control system technologies to ensure optimum performance. We developed the first oil-free, integrally geared, multi-stage, centrifugal air compressor in 1962. This innovation grew into the PAP Plus product line that we continue to sell and manufacture today.

In the late 1990’s we formed a joint venture with our longtime partner, Fusheng Industrial Co., Ltd., to build a packaging facility in Shanghai, China, which resulted in the PAP Plus product line becoming a leader in the China market. Fusheng, a multi-faceted manufacturer of reciprocating and screw-type compressors for air and refrigeration applications, is a privately held company based in Taipei, Taiwan. 

In October of 2003, Fusheng acquired the PAP Plus product line, creating FS-Elliott Co., LLC. In 2005, FS-Elliott purchased two facilities in Export, Pennsylvania USA to establish an independent headquarters for compressor design, manufacturing, and service. Several new, state-of-the-art machine tools were installed, and a new test facility was constructed to modernize processes for improving quality and reducing costs. 

Today FS-Elliott is a world-class manufacturer focused on producing reliable and energy-efficient air solutions. As a member of the Fusheng family, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. 

Affiliated Companies

Fusheng Group
Founded in 1953, Fusheng Group is the parent company to FS-Elliott that specializes in manufacturing a broad range of products from air compressors to golf club heads to semiconductor lead frames.

FS Compressors India Pvt. Ltd.
FS Compressors India Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing, sales and service center, within the Fusheng Group, for FS-Elliott and FS-Curtis brand of products, providing high-quality machines, experienced technical support, on-time service, and an extensive parts inventory to customers in the region.

FS-Curtis is a member of the Fusheng Group with over 500 distributors worldwide. Their products include 1-3 HP to 300 HP reciprocating, oil-injected screw and water-injected screw compressors.

FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia, Ltd.
FS-Elliott in partnership with GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. have united together to create FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia, Ltd. to provide local service and support to Saudi Arabia.

ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH
Purchased by Fusheng in 2012, ALMiG services as a packaging facility for FS-Elliott compressors and provides sales and service support customers in Europe.


Our Past to Present

  • 1962
    Designed specifically for plant instrument air applications, the PAP product line was founded. 
  • 1974
    The two pinion, horizontally split PAP Plus compressor was introduced for use in the oil, gas and petrochemical markets.
  • 2003
    Fusheng Group acquires the PAP Plus product line creating FS-Elliott Co., LLC. 
  • 2003
    FS-Elliott receives ISO 9001:2000 certification. 
  • 2003
    FS-Elliott launches the Regulus line of control systems. 
  • 2004
    FS-Elliott launches the Polaris compressor series, designed for the industrial air market.
  • 2004
    FS-Elliott opens packaging facility in Shanghai, China.
  • 2005
    FS-Elliott moves its headquarters from Jeannette, PA to a new facility in Export, PA.
  • 2010
    FS-Elliott opens packaging facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2011
    FS-Elliott receives ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certification for its compressor products. 
  • 2012
    The PAP Plus compressor line celebrates 50 years.
  • 2013
    FS-Elliott launches the PAP Plus EH model. 
  • 2013
    FS-Elliott opens new representative office in Malaysia.
  • 2014
    FS-Elliott launches R1000 control system. 
  • 2014
    FS-Elliott launches Polaris+ compressor line. 
  • 2015
    FS-Elliott opens Global Service facility on headquarter campus. 
  • 2015
    FS-Elliott launches SteadiAIR warranty program.
  • 2016

    FS-Elliott develops AirComparelife-cycle costs calculator.