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Company Announcement

FS-Elliott's Commitment to Our Employees and Customers During the
COVID-19 Outbreak

During this time, FS-Elliott Co., LLC, continues to focus on employee safety while safeguarding essential operations as we strive to be the most trusted and reliable compressed air solution provider in the world.  For our production team, we are enforcing social distancing practices and other mitigation measures defined by the Centers for Disease Control to protect the health and safety of our employees.  Outside of production, we transitioned all available positions to work remotely and are restricting travel to minimize the spread of the coronavirus disease in the communities where we serve.
FS-Elliott Co., LLC provides products and services that are critical in many essential industries including food and beverage manufacturing, paper manufacturing, petroleum and coal products manufacturing, basic chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing, other chemical product and preparation manufacturing, plastics product manufacturing, iron and steel mills and ferroalloy manufacturing and utilities. FS-Elliott Co., LLC, will continue to provide the products and services our customers need to keep essential businesses operational during these uncertain times.

We are committed to ensuring we do everything we can to get through this together.