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FS-Elliott Exhibiting at The Compressed Air Best Practices Expo

That’s right! We are heading back to Compressed Air Best Practices (CABP) Expo this year! FS-Elliott will be partnering with sister company, FS-Curtis, at booth #203 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Chicago, IL from November 2nd-4th.

CABP expands on the information covered in the BEST PRACTICES Magazines and brings it to life at the expo. Both the show and magazine focus on compressed air, vacuuming, and cooling all geared towards achieving environmental sustainability goals and conservation. At the conference, guests have the opportunity to attend several presentations given by experts in the field. Members of the industry can also get CAGI certified at the show.

This year FS-Curtis and FS-Elliott will be showcasing the NxHE, ECO-Turbo, and Polaris+. Registration is still open! Swing by and learn more about the industry’s leading air compressors.