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Press Release

FS-Elliott Invests $2 Million in U.S. Manufacturing with Expanded Space and New Technology

FS-Elliott, a worldwide leading provider of reliable centrifugal air solutions, has worked with Industrial Engineers to upgrade its layout design for increased efficiency. After a $2 million investment, we have expanded the manufacturing and warehouse space to 180,000 square feet and added two new Mazak Integrex machines.

With the full 5-Axis capability, the Integrex machines have reduced a 6–12-hour multi-machine runtime to a single machine one-hour per part average. The recent addition of a robotic arm further automates the new machining process, an even more efficient way to produce parts. The robotics system features an agile manufacturing robotic arm with a 300lb lifting capacity.

To reduce lead time, the Mazak Integrex machine cell will replace aging machinery, eliminate waste steps, and shorten the production process. This new technology can run with minimal operator interaction for up to two 8-hour shifts. Using the Mazak Integrex, the dual-spindle mill/turn machine centers can turn raw material into a finished part within a single process. Secondary to the original machining process improvements, the new machines will also have multipart capabilities providing additional capacity support in other cells throughout the machine shop. Impeller machining is fully supported in the new machine centers and provides additional efficiencies with these parts. Having the full 5-Axis capabilities, FS-Elliott is committed to full impeller machining with the new machine centers by the end of 2023.

“We are excited to announce this investment in our U.S. manufacturing operations,” says John Sinclair, Director of Quality and Operations. “By upgrading our factory space, we can increase production efficiency and reduce lead times for our customers. Continual process improvement by means of waste elimination and new technology while maintaining the highest quality standards is the foundation of our operations. Our highly skilled team will continue to work hard to provide high-quality compressed air solutions our customers can rely on.”

FS-Elliott is responsible for the engineering, designing, and manufacturing Polaris and PAP Plus centrifugal compressors. To ensure the highest quality parts and machines are produced, we are committed to a broad range of inspections and full testing of all machines before shipment to our customers. We will continue overseeing these operational improvements and supporting innovative compressed air solutions worldwide.

About FS-Elliott Co., LLC
FS-Elliott is a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of oil-free, centrifugal compressors, with operations in over 90 countries. For 60 years, FS-Elliott has combined commitment to quality with advanced technology so our customers can increase their productivity and lower system operating costs.

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