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Introducing P400HPR: The Ultimate High-Pressure Compressor for Unbeatable Performance

Introducing P400HPR: The Ultimate High-Pressure Compressor for Unbeatable Performance

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our compressor family - the P400HPR! With the P400HPR, we have taken high-pressure compression to new heights. Now, you can effortlessly achieve pressures of up to 250 PSIG with three compression stages, all within the P400 power range. This means you get the power you need without compromising efficiency or performance.

Unbeatable Aero Design for Energy Savings

At FS-Elliott, we prioritize energy efficiency as much as our customers do. With the P400HPR, you'll enjoy an industry-leading aero design that not only ensures peak performance but also delivers substantial energy savings compared to conventional dry screw or oil-injected screw compressors. Experience an unparalleled balance between power and efficiency like never before. With its high discharge temperature capabilities, the P400HPR is an ideal fit for Heat of Compression (HOC) drying applications, further enhancing energy savings within your compressed air system.

Reliable, ISO-8573, 100% Oil-Free Compressed Air

In critical industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverage, aerospace testing, and medical applications, air quality is paramount. With the P400HPR, you can rest assured of ISO 8573-1, 100% oil-free compressed air, guaranteeing no oil transfer in the compressed air stream. Benefit from exceptional air quality, enhanced efficiency, and reduced environmental impact with the P400HPR.

Regulus™ Control Panel to Maximize Energy Efficiency

Maximize the potential of your P400HPR with the state-of-the-art R1000 Control System or the PLC-based R2000 Control System featuring either a Siemens or Allen Bradley platform. Equipped with advanced features like a user-friendly interface, real-time data visualization, Energy Advisor, FS-Connect remote monitoring, and seamless integration with existing systems, the Regulus Control System empowers operators to optimize compressor performance, reduce energy consumption, and ensure reliable operation.

Low Maintenance, Minimizing Ownership Costs

We take pride in the proven reliability and low maintenance of our P400 compressors. The new P400HPR continues this tradition and is eligible for the FS-Elliott SteadiAIR5 Warranty Program. With maximum uptime, high efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements, the overall cost of ownership remains remarkably low. Experience cost-effective operation without compromising performance with the P400HPR.

Experience the Future of Compression with the P400HPR

We proudly present the P400HPR as the latest innovation in high-pressure compression technology. It offers unparalleled power, energy efficiency, and reliability, making it the ideal choice for industries that demand the best. To learn more about the P400HPR and how it can support your operations, visit our P400 product page or contact an authorized FS-Elliott Channel Partner.

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