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Keep Your Centrifugal Air Compressors Healthy This Summer with TurboCool

Keep Your Centrifugal Air Compressors Healthy This Summer with TurboCool

As the heat of summer is fast approaching, have you checked if your compressors can withstand the increased temperatures? Now is the time to make sure your centrifugal air compressors are ready for the hot summer months ahead!  

FSE-TurboCool®, a fully synthetic ester blend lubricant formulated for use in centrifugal air compressors, was designed to provide your compressor with maximum wear protection when temperatures increase. Specific additives work to minimize long-term varnish build-up, which helps prolong the life of centrifugal compressors. This is in stark contrast to other OEM compressor fluids blended to be used across all types of compressors, including rotary and reciprocating.  

Increased heat during the summer can also result in greater humidity levels. Since TurboCool is an ester, not a glycol blend like many other OEM products, it delivers the best water separation capabilities on the market and allows excess moisture that has built up to drain from your system. In addition, TurboCool protects your air compressor against rust, corrosion, wear, and viscosity dilution, extending the life of your air compressor's components. Download our FSE-TurboCool product brochure for more information on this lubricant and how it compares to competitor lubricants. 

Below are a few additional steps you can take which are also crucial to your air compressors health in the summer months:

Add Lubricant Monitoring to Your Checklist

Lubricant testing is an excellent start to your pre-summer maintenance. Did you know that having the lubricant tested quarterly can give you great insight into your compressor's overall health? This valuable information can add to your predictive maintenance routine by learning about your compressor. The table below presents key parameters to check.

Don't Forget About Auxiliary Oil Pumps and Motor Bearings

Keeping a regular quarterly schedule to check the lubrication of your auxiliary oil pump and motor bearings is vital to the health of your air compressor.

Changing Your Lubricant is Crucial

As suggested by the OEM, changing the lubricant in your unit is critical to your unit's health. FS-Elliott's scheduled maintenance guidelines suggest that your lubricant is drained, oil reservoir cleaned, and new TurboCool refilled every three years or up to 24,000 hours, whichever comes first.

Oil Filters Also Need Check-ups and Changes

FS-Elliott's scheduled maintenance guidelines suggest that your OEM oil filter elements are changed twice a year to ensure optimal conditions for your unit. Clogged filters can lead to your air compressor working harder and generating unwanted heat.  

For more information on inspecting, maintaining, and operating your compressor at peak efficiency, contact your authorized FS-Elliott channel partner or sales representative.

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