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Compressor Fluids

Engineered to extend centrifugal compressor product life.

FS-Elliott Centrifugal Air Compressor Fluids
  • Lubricant Best Practices for Centrifugal Compressors

    Discover how to make the most of the lubricant you select for your centrifugal. Download our Lubricant Best Practices for Centrifugal Compressors white paper and learn about ideal lubricant properties, base stocks, storage guidelines, best locations for collecting a sample, and lubricant testing. 
    Lubricant Best Practices for Centrifugal Compressors
  • Protect Your Investment

    It is imperative that bearing surfaces are kept varnish-free in your centrifugal compressor. With this in mind, FS-Elliott offers a proprietary full synthetic centrifugal fluid, FSE-TurboCool®.

    Why Use a Full Synthetic for your Centrifugal?

    It is cleaner and better performing than standard lubricants and with up to a 24,000-hour fluid life, it is truly the most cost-effective option to protect your investment. 

  • Fluid Analysis

    FS-Elliott offers fluid analysis kits to customers who purchase FSE brand OEM fluids. With the right fluid and quarterly analysis, you can keep your centrifugal running longer with less cost and downtime.

    To find out more about our fluid analysis service, please contact your authorized FS-Elliott Channel Partner. 

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    Fluid Analysis

Compressor Fluids

For optimum system operation, we recommend the use of FS-Elliott brand fluids. FS-Elliott fluids are offered with all new units and feature extended fluid life, excellent wear protection, and superior resistance to foaming.
  • FSE-TurboCool<sup>&reg;</sup> FSE-TurboCool®
    32-grade full synthetic coolant specifically designed for centrifugal compressors. 
  • FSE-TurboCool<sup>&reg;</sup>FG FSE-TurboCool®FG
    Meets H1 requirements for lubricants with incidental food contact. 
  • FSE-Centrimax<sup>&reg;</sup> FSE-Centrimax®
    Premium quality lubricant. 
  • FSE-TurboCool<sup>&reg;</sup>CC FSE-TurboCool®CC
    Cleans heavily varnished compressors.

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