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The Superior Food Grade for Centrifugal Compressors

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It is imperative that bearing surfaces are kept varnish free in your centrifugal compressor. With this in mind, FS-Elliott offers a proprietary full synthetic centrifugal coolant, FSE-TurboCool, specifically designed for centrifugal compressors (viscosity 32 grade). While the 32 grade is standard for FS-Elliott compressors, an HD version (viscosity grade 46) is also available. 

As part of the FSE-TurboCool product line, FSE-TurboCool FG was created to meet H1 requirements for lubricants with incidental food contact (FDA21 CFR 178.3570).


FSE-TurboCool FG Features

  • Extended Oil Drain Periods -  Up to 16,000 hours
  • Oxidative Resistance - Keeps the oil cooler from getting plugged up and resists the buildup of carbon deposits on rotating components.
  • Superb Water Separation - Readily separates from water, allowing excess moisture buildup to drain from the system. This prevents accelerated rusting and viscosity dilution.
  • Energy Savings - Oxidative resistance prevents fluids from becoming thicker and increasing energy consumption.

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