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FSE-TurboCool CC is specifically engineered to tackle the challenge of heavily varnished air compressors with unparalleled efficiency and safety.

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Unlike conventional methods that often necessitate shutting down the compressor for cleaning, FSE-TurboCool CC revolutionizes maintenance protocols by enabling cleaning procedures to be carried out seamlessly while the compressor remains operational. This innovative approach not only streamlines maintenance processes but also significantly reduces associated costs and downtime, empowering businesses to maintain optimal compressor performance without disruption.

FSE-TurboCool CC Features

  • This cleaner solubilizes the varnish and carbon into the lubricant and works to restore the compressor to peak efficiency.
  • Contaminants are easier to filter out.
  • Helps to prevent large sludge particles from traveling through the system where they could potentially cause harm.
  • Please note: FSE-TurboCool CC cleaner can be used with all FSE brand fluids with the exception of FSE-TurboCool FG (food grade) as it will negate the fluid’s food grade properties.

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